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Let the AWS Amplify Hackathon Begin!

Let the AWS Amplify Hackathon Begin!

AWS Community Builders Conference App

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Alex Patterson
·Feb 10, 2021·

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Come join me Friday and we can compete in the competition :D

AWS Community Builders Live Coding

Come join us for building of a Community Event app with Next.js, Amplify and Tailwindcss.

Join Live:

Follow Along: YouTube:


More details can be found here:

AWS Community Builders - Code Together


It is hard to work in a silo. Paired programming is a thing for a reason. Each of us have special skills and different experiences. This format allows us to learn from each other and help each other solve problems together.


We will set up a StreamYard broadcast each week so that the community can be directly involved and able to interact with each other. We can also code together using Visual Studio Code Live Share this way each person can get their hands on a keyboard and help. Allowing guest coders to come on and share their knowledge and skills.


We are still working on this but for now 12pm EST (5pm GMT).


You will be able to watch and make comments Live on both: YouTube: Twitch: Past Streams: Topics

For this pilot phase I am going to focus on Amplify. We will work on this and have a system built out where we can have signups and voting for a topic each week. If there is enough demand we can do this more often.

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