What's A Firebase Developer Advocate

What's A Firebase Developer Advocate

Discover the latest from Google IO and Firebase with insights from a DevRel engineer. Watch now for developer tips and community highlights to boost your projects!

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Introduction and Guest Introduction

  • Welcome and Context: The hosts welcome viewers to the Coding Cat.dev podcast sponsored by Cloudinary and Algolia, noting fresh content post-Google I/O.
  • Guest Introduction: Andrea, a developer relations engineer at Firebase, is introduced and provides an overview of her role.

Andrea's Career Path

  • Educational Background: Andrea shares her educational background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a focus on CS.
  • Early Career: She details her early work experience at Cisco focusing on networking, and at Yahoo working on frontend development using React Native.

Transition to Google and Firebase

  • Joining Google: Andrea discusses her joining Google five and a half years ago, starting with the Firebase console team.
  • Role Evolution: She highlights her shift to different product teams within Firebase, focusing on remote config and predictions before moving into DevRel during COVID-19.

Developer Relations Engineer Role

  • Role Responsibilities: Andrea explains what it means to be a developer relations engineer, from interacting with developers to relaying feedback to the product team.
  • Day-to-Day Work: She describes the nature of her work, including working on content creation, mentoring, and organizing training events.

Google I/O and Firebase

  • Google I/O Planning: The hosts discuss the stress and detailed planning that goes into preparing for Google I/O, from content creation to documentation.
  • Examples of Work: Andrea provides specifics about her involvement, like mentoring engineers and reviewing documentation for new product releases.

Conferences and Presentations

  • Conference Experience: Andrea explains the preparation involved in giving presentations at conferences and the difference between virtual and in-person experiences.
  • Content Creation: Discusses the challenges and joys of creating new technical content, particularly in terms of introducing new features like Firebase Data Connect.

Firebase Data Connect

  • Product Overview: An introduction to Firebase Data Connect, a new SQL database feature, which simplifies database queries through schema creation.
  • Content Involvement: Andrea's role in working with the product team to create educational materials and blog posts about utilizing Data Connect.

Interacting with the Community

  • Community Engagement: The importance of events like North America Connect for gathering feedback and engaging directly with Firebase users.
  • Feedback Importance: Highlights the value of receiving direct user feedback to improve Firebase products.

Personal Enjoyment in DevRel

  • Interactions and Feedback: Andrea emphasizes her passion for interacting with developers and other teams, finding it the most rewarding part of her role.
  • Content Creation: She also enjoys the creative aspects of content creation, from writing to video production.

Challenges and AI in DevRel

  • Workload and AI: Discusses the potential use of AI to assist in task management but stresses maintaining personal touch and creativity in content creation.
  • Future Considerations: Reflects on how AI could help streamline certain aspects of her work without losing the human element.

Highlights of Google I/O Experience

  • Personal Highlights: Andrea fondly recalls meeting her colleagues and other attendees in person, underscoring the value of in-person interactions.
  • Event Excitement: Mentions specific moments of excitement, such as the unveiling of new Firebase features and team engagements.

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