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Hacktober 2022 Laptop Giveaway

Hacktober 2022 Laptop Giveaway

Win a Samsung Pro Chromebook - When you become a member during October.

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Alex Patterson
·Oct 4, 2022·

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That is right you could win a brand new Samsung Chromebook Pro, just for becoming a member during the Hacktober month of October 2022. Use Coupon code HACKTOBER2022.

Why the giveaway?

The goal is to have everyone learn to be a developer, without the necessary resources it can be really hard! Not everyone can afford to buy a laptop, so we thought it would be a good idea to give one away. Ideally I would love to give 100 away, but maybe when we grow as big as we can do that!

How do I win?

Become a member of by the end of October and the 100th person will win.

Are more courses coming?

Yes we are actively working on a new SolidJS course right now! We also hope to update Svelte and JavaScript as a 10 year old.

How long do I need to be a member?

You must be subscribed after October 1 and still be active November 1. But we would really love to see you around the Discord!

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