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CodingCat.dev is built by developers for developers, we want to provide individuals a place to learn, build and teach in public.

Based on the analytics that we get for our content we can easily calculate who should get paid each month. We take all of the free content that is created on the platform and divide 100% of it back to the creators. Below is an example of how we pay each page based on $100 of funding.

Example Make Pathing Easier with Aliases in SvelteKit was written by Brittney Postma we add $17.20 to any others that she wrote and pay her directly.

Page title and screen classViewsPercentDollars
Make Pathing Easier with Aliases in SvelteKit5170.1720$17.20
Integrating Storybook with SvelteKit2410.0802$8.02
AWS Amplify Video1730.0576$5.76
2.22 - Building Connections for the Underrepresented1310.0436$4.36
AWS Amplify vs. AWS CDK What is the most powerful AWS IaC in 2020?1090.0363$3.63
2.18 - Making the Web Easier to Build with Una Kravets1050.0349$3.49
Intro to Svelte1000.0333$3.33

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