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Reviewing things that happened in 2023 and generally just having a fun holiday episode


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Rough Outline of our talk


Netlify buys Gatsby. Astro 2 Takes Flight. React Native vibe check. February - March:

Deno's Dilemma. The Ng-Renaissance Fair. New Year's Reso-Vue-tions (Vue goals and objectives for 2023). April - May:

Dart version 3 with WebAssembly compilation preview. Angular's bold new look. Modern.js and Node 20 releases. June - July:

React Server Components in the wild. The Officially Unofficial Svelte 4 Launch Party™. I Will Rem-Ember.js You. August - September:

Astro amps it up. Jamstack is dead, long live Jamstack!. Oops, Svelte did it again. October - November:

Angular goes meta. React Forgettiboutittt. WinterJS is coming. December:

Astro launches v4. The Ang-éissance. Real talk about The Edge™.

I was thinking of the best way to summarize the year in Web Development for our year end episode of @CodingCatDev podcast.

So I used @builderio's gpt-crawler to scrape @bytesdotdev and build an @OpenAI GPT.

Try it out!

— Alex Patterson is working on @CodingCatDev (@codercatdev) December 12, 2023

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