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Google Cloud Reference

Google Cloud Reference

A developers cheat sheet for all the products offered by Google Cloud Platform

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This is all from please check it out!

This is mainly for me to remember where this great list is located @gregsramblings.

All Products




Data and Analytics

Hybrid and Multi-cloud



  • Carrier Peering: Peer through a carrier 🔗Link

  • Direct Peering: Peer with GCP 🔗Link

  • Dedicated Interconnect: Dedicated private network connection 🔗Link

  • Partner Interconnect: Connect on-prem network to VPC 🔗Link

  • Cloud Armor: DDoS protection and WAF 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Cloud CDN: Content delivery network 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Cloud DNS: Programmable DNS serving 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Cloud Load Balancing: Multi-region load distribution/balancing 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Cloud NAT: Network address translation service 🔗Link

  • Cloud Router: VPC/on-prem network route exchange (BGP) 🔗Link

  • Cloud VPN (HA): VPN (Virtual private network connection) 🔗Link

  • Network Service Tiers: Price vs performance tiering 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Network Telemetry: Network telemetry service 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Traffic Director: Service mesh traffic management 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Google Cloud Service Mesh: Service-aware network management 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Virtual Private Cloud: Software defined networking 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • VPC Service Controls: Security perimeters for API-based services 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Network Intelligence Center: Network monitoring and topology 🔗Link 🔗Link

Internet of Things (IoT)


  • Google Cloud Game Servers: Orchestrate Agones clusters 🔗Link

Identity and Security

Management Tools

Developer Tools

Migration to GCP

  • BigQuery Data Transfer Service: Bulk import analytics data 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Cloud Data Transfer: Data migration tools/CLI 🔗Link

  • Google Transfer Appliance: Rentable data transport box 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Migrate for Anthos: Migrate VMs to GKE containers 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Migrate for Compute Engine: Compute Engine migration tools 🔗Link 🔗Link

  • Migrate from Amazon Redshift: Migrate from Redshift to BigQuery 🔗Link

  • Migrate from Teradata: Migrate from Teradata to BigQuery 🔗Link

  • Storage Transfer Service: Online/on-premises data transfer 🔗Link

  • VM Migration: VM migration tools 🔗Link

  • Cloud Foundation Toolkit: Infrastructure as Code templates 🔗Link

API Platform and Ecosystems

  • API Analytics: API metrics 🔗Link

  • API Monetization: Monetize APIs 🔗Link

  • Apigee API Platform: Develop, secure, monitor APIs 🔗Link

  • Apigee Hybrid: Manage hybrid/multi-cloud API environments 🔗Link🔗Link

  • Apigee Sense: API protection from attacks 🔗Link

  • Cloud Endpoints: Cloud API gateway 🔗Link

  • Cloud Healthcare API: Healthcare system GCP interoperability 🔗Link

  • Developer Portal: API management portal 🔗Link

  • GCP Marketplace: Partner & open source marketplace 🔗Link

Google Maps Platform

  • Directions API: Get directions between locations 🔗Link

  • Distance Matrix API: Multi-origin/destination travel times 🔗Link

  • Geocoding API: Convert address to/from coordinates 🔗Link

  • Geolocation API: Derive location without GPS 🔗Link

  • Maps Embed API: Display iframe embedded maps 🔗Link

  • Maps JavaScript API: Dynamic web maps 🔗Link

  • Maps SDK for Android: Maps for Android apps 🔗Link

  • Maps SDK for iOS: Maps for iOS apps 🔗Link

  • Maps Static API: Display static map images 🔗Link

  • Maps SDK for Unity: Unity SDK for games 🔗Link

  • Maps URLs: URL scheme for maps 🔗Link

  • Places API: Rest-based Places features 🔗Link

  • Places Library, Maps JS API: Places features for web 🔗Link

  • Places SDK for Android: Places features for Android 🔗Link

  • Places SDK for iOS: Places feature for iOS 🔗Link

  • Roads API: Convert coordinates to roads 🔗Link

  • Street View Static API: Static street view images 🔗Link

  • Street View Service: Street view for JavaScript 🔗Link

  • Time Zone API: Convert coordinates to timezone 🔗Link

G Suite Platform

  • Admin SDK: Manage G Suite resources 🔗Link

  • AMP for Email: Dynamic interactive email 🔗Link

  • Apps Script: Extend and automate everything 🔗Link

  • Calendar API: Create and manage calendars 🔗Link

  • Classroom API: Provision and manage classrooms 🔗Link

  • Cloud Search: Unified search for enterprise 🔗Link

  • Docs API: Create and edit documents 🔗Link

  • Drive Activity API: Retrieve Google Drive activity 🔗Link

  • Drive API: Read and write files 🔗Link

  • Drive Picker: Drive file selection widget 🔗Link

  • Email Markup: Interactive email using 🔗Link

  • G Suite Add-ons: Extend G Suite apps 🔗Link

  • G Suite Marketplace: Storefront for integrated applications 🔗Link

  • Gmail API: Enhance Gmail 🔗Link

  • Hangouts Chat Bots: Conversational bots in chat 🔗Link

  • People API: Manage user's Contacts 🔗Link

  • Sheets API: Read and write spreadsheets 🔗Link

  • Slides API: Create and edit presentations 🔗Link

  • Task API: Search, read & update Tasks 🔗Link

  • Vault API: Manage your organization's eDiscovery 🔗Link

Mobile (Firebase)

  • Cloud Firestore: Document store and sync 🔗Link

  • Cloud Functions for Firebase: Event-driven serverless applications 🔗Link

  • Cloud Storage for Firebase: Object storage and serving 🔗Link

  • Crashlytics: Crash reporting and analytics 🔗Link

  • Firebase A/B Testing: Create A/B test experiments 🔗Link

  • Firebase App Distribution: Trusted tester early access 🔗Link

  • Firebase Authentication: Drop-in authentication 🔗Link

  • Firebase Cloud Messaging: Send device notifications 🔗Link

  • Firebase Dynamic Links: Link to app content 🔗Link

  • Firebase Extensions: Pre-packaged development solutions 🔗Link

  • Firebase Hosting: Web hosting with CDN/SSL 🔗Link

  • Firebase In-App Messaging: Send in-app contextual messages 🔗Link

  • Firebase Performance Monitoring: App/web performance monitoring 🔗Link

  • Firebase Predictions: Predict user targeting 🔗Link

  • Firebase Realtime Database: Real-time data synchronization 🔗Link

  • Firebase Remote Config: Remotely configure installed apps 🔗Link

  • Firebase Test Lab: Mobile testing device farm 🔗Link

  • Google Analytics for Firebase: Mobile app analytics 🔗Link

  • ML Kit for Firebase: ML APIs for mobile 🔗Link

Additional Resources

Everything below is not included in the PDFs/PNGs due to space limitations

Additional Resources

GCP Foundational Open Source Projects

  • Apache Beam: Batch/streaming data processing 🔗Link

  • Go: High Concurrency Programming Language 🔗Link

  • gRPC: RPC framework 🔗Link

  • gVisor: Secure container runtime 🔗Link

  • Istio: Connect and secure services 🔗Link

  • Knative: Serverless framework for Kubernetes 🔗Link

  • Kubeflow: ML toolkit for Kubernetes 🔗Link

  • Kubernetes: Management of containerized applications 🔗Link

  • OpenCensus: Cloud native observability framework 🔗Link

  • TensorFlow: ML framework 🔗Link

Platform Comparisons

  • Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals: 🔗Link

  • Google Cloud Platform for Azure Professionals: 🔗Link

  • Google Cloud Platform for Data Center Professionals: 🔗Link

  • Google Cloud Platform for OpenStack Users: 🔗Link

Language Specific Documentation

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